Fall 2020 Collection

Your fall favorites return, with some new finds to cozy up to on cooling autumn days. 

Returning Favorites:

Apple Orcharda true to life ripe apple scent, with just a touch of spice.
Harvest & Hearth - A fall stroll through the pumpkin patch among fall colors.
Russian Tea - Warm up to the aroma of Russian Tea, with it's notes of orange citrus, clove, and nutmeg.
Hot Cider - An inviting aroma of hot apple cider, oranges, cranberries, and spice that is warm and delicious.!
Cozy Campfire - Revised for Fall 2020, our Cozy Campfire will now come with Wooden Wick Co. crackling wood wicks.  Effective Sept 1 for Grand, Oct 1 for Companion.

All New:

Morning Blend - Grab a book and fill your space with the familiar scent of your favorite coffeehouse.
Vanilla Frosting - Fill your space with the sweetness of sugary vanilla frosting.
Companion Trios - 3 packs of favorite scent combinations.

Fill your space with inviting aromas of your traditional seasonal favorites or try one of our new releases for this fall!  

Imagine strolling through a pumpkin patch, sitting by a cozy campfire, or warming your hands around a favorite mug.  Our Fall collection is sure to satisfy those looking for your favorite aroma!  
We've added several new options this Fall, and new ways to save on your favorite candles from Begonia & Bench!
Harvest & Hearth from $24.00
Apple Orchard
Apple Orchard from $24.00
Cozy Campfire
Cozy Campfire from $24.00
Hot Cider
Hot Cider from $24.00
Russian Tea
Russian Tea from $24.00
Morning Blend
Morning Blend from $24.00
Vanilla Frosting
Vanilla Frosting from $24.00
Companion Trio
Companion Trio $60.00