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Plein Air

Begonia & Bench

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Watercolor painting image of a lakeshore, with leaves from a branch reach out across aqua skys and golden sandy shores.
Image of a 12 oz Premium Botanical Candle in a clear glass jar
Our premium botanical wax is undyed.  Variations in color and texture may occur and is considered normal.

Fill your space with light botanical scents near lake shores. Plein Air invites thoughts of outdoor landscapes and leisurely afternoons.  This scent perfectly compliments your studio, project area, or anywhere you feel artful inspiration.

This scent was popular for many of our visitors attending any of our in-person events in March 2019, and we are appreciative of the thoughts and ideas people shared with us about this scent.

These candles are 100% handmade, using premium non-dyed botanical wax and 12 ounce Clear recycled glass containers.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Plein Air candle goes to support the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Foundation.

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