Did you know that simply throwing away a candle jar impacts the environment?-Begonia & Bench
In January alone, hundreds of thousands of candles appear in the landfills. 😲#cantcompost
We encourage repurposing your jar after you've enjoyed your candle and our simple design makes it easy to reuse our glass vessels! ⁣
One repurpose idea is to store kitchen spices. I like to mix my own seasoning blends and pairing with our bamboo spoon (with clip!).
Not only helpful when cooking but I love how this looks on the counter! #hgtvready 😉
Other ideas to extend the life of your glass jar:⁣
🌱 Perfect jar for a herb or succulent plant ⁣
💅 Bathroom storage ⁣
✏️ Hold your colored pencils or other office supplies ⁣
We offer unique accessories to extend the life of your candle jar and to inspire creative reuse ideas. ⁣
Tell us below, do you reuse your glass jars or do you clean out the jar and recycle? #dontthrowaway
Did you know?

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