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Scent Notes:

A 417 Designs Signature Aroma

417 will awaken your senses with a trio of lemon, lavender, and patchouli aromas in this perfectly sultry, earthy blend.

About 471 Designs Inc.,/Dirty Boys Landscaping:

Are you in the New Brighton area? If so, you need to check out Dirty Boys Landscaping and also join a Planting Social! Gather your friends to snack,sip and socialize while creating one-of-a-kind container gardens! Or if you don’t have the green thumb skills, they can create something just for you!

Learn more about them on their website! 

About Our Candles:

Each Artisan candle is cold-poured in small batches by hand using our blend of 4 non-dyed premium botanical plant waxes and artisan-crafted fragrances, then meticulously aged until the aroma is at its best.  Each candle is then carefully polished, then craft labeled, and bench-wrapped in compostable packaging to protect the hand-finished recycled glass vessel. And they smell good.

These handcrafted Artisan candles are available in our Vintage Green 12 oz Grand-sized vessel.

 We are low waste, we are carbon neutral and we give back snippet.

Wick trimmer and other accessories sold separately.


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