Costs for our materials like soy wax, glassware, and scent oil continues to skyrocket and is now up over 60% since July 2020. 
While our material costs have increased substantially, we have responded by working to source more of our material locally and reduce the variety of materials we source which will also help us reduce more of our costs.
  We are happy to announce we are now able to source more of our materials from local suppliers such as Tilsner Carton for our renewable packaging.  The reduction in freight expense helps us a little bit, but in effort to maintain stable pricing in 2022 we are retiring a few of our less popular aromas along with discontinuing our 6oz Artisan Companion line and reserving our 12oz Natural Soy line for our stockists.
A limited number of 6oz Companion Artisan candles will remain available in our Companion Trio Packs, while supplies last. 
We are also significantly limiting the number of discounts and sale events we host throughout the year
Our goal is to maintain stable, predictable pricing & availability throughout the year while continuing to support our ecological awareness & give back mission.


Michelle & Darren

updated 2/9/2022