petal perks reward info

It's Easy to Earn Rewards!

Easily start earning points with some of the following activities:

Enrolling in Petal Perks  -100 pts

Purchasing Products - 1 pt per $1

Share on Facebook - 50 pts

Follow us on Instagram - 50 pts

Share on Twitter - 50 pts

Spend $200 in a year - 50 pts

Spend $500 in a year- 150 pts

Spend $1000 in a year - 500 pts

Tell a Friend!

Refer a friend and they will get a 20% off discount code for use on their first order! If they buy from us using the referral code, you'll automatically earn 200 points!

Referral points will be automatically credited to your Petal Perks account 7 days after their purchase.

12oz grand slate glass vessel on side table.
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Redeeming Rewards:

Our rewards are issued in the form of digital coupon codes.  You'll receive a coupon code once you've hit one of the following Reward tiers:

500 pts $25.00 Off Coupon

1000 pts $60.00 Off Coupon

2500 pts $150.00 Off Coupon

*Petal Perks rewards are not available to wholesale customers.