forest of trees in the sun
    forest of trees in the sun

    We are carbon-neutral. We are low-waste. We give back.

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    When we thought about offering our handcrafted items for sale, we knew that we could end up selling just one more single use item like any other candle.

    And that if we were going to be making and selling anything, we didn't want it to just be another thing that inevitably just ends up in a landfill after it's used once.

    And if we were going to be conscious about consumption and the proliferation of greenwashing, we knew we had more responsibility in ways we consume and source materials in our craft and in how we give back to the communities that support us.

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    collection of 12 oz begonia & bench candles

    1 Candle = 1 Tree

    We have partnered with the National Forest Foundation to have a tree planted in a U.S. National Forest for every candle we make.

    Our partnership with The National Forest Foundation is starting to take root. Since 2018, we've had over 6,500 trees planted to help fight climate change, conserve wildlife habitats and ensure healthy watersheds within our U.S. National Forests.

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    Low Waste

    We generate less than 50 gallons of landfill-destined waste annually in our 100% Renewable*Connect® powered studio.

    We disposed of approximately 32 gallons of landfill-equivalent (non-recycled) waste. The county in which our studio resides (Washington County, MN) requires all landfill-equivalent waste to be incinerated for energy generation, so we are unable to calculate the final mass if any that went to landfill but estimate it less than our initial 32 gallons of debris.

    What is Your Carbon Footprint?
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    unpackaged begonia and bench candle.

    Making Candles Better

    We strive to source reusable, recyclable, and sustainable materials directly from reliable & ecologically conscious suppliers whenever we can, and tastefully package our items with compostable Kraft & recycled paper materials and glassware that is attractive and reusable.