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We're always working on new ideas in the workshop, and sometimes those ideas don't work out just right.  We call these happy little moments "Bloopers".   

You've asked if you could get our Bloopers, and here is your chance!  The quantities on these items are limited - once an item is sold out is, it is no longer available.

There aren't all bloopers - some are micro batch and some are on their way to enjoy retirement.  Don't worry, these candles will burn the same as our Signature line candles but may have some cosmetic stuff going on.

Cassia: We thought we'd made a beautifully bright, sharply scented Cinnamon candle.  At the top of the candle, this one is just that - a robust zing of freshly grated cinnamon, however as it burns it transforms in the air and becomes a very warm aroma gently scented with notes of spice & some cinnamon - but not the bright zest of cinnamon we wanted.  This is still a great candle, but not one we were ready to add to our library.

Cactus Flower: We have a batch of Grand sized Cactus Flower that frosted badly enough for us to set aside.  Frosting is the appearance of texture within the wax against the glass, and in this case there are noticeable areas on each candle that have this.  We normally would repair this, but the entire batch would be quite an effort for us to repair so we are making these Bloopers avail for you!

Mint #17: We were experimenting to create a strong, vibrant mint scent - and one that delivers a nose-tingling zest of peppermint and fresh mint.  We'd prepared one batch of these candles, but it was always left behind when we did our shows with more popular candles.  These are not bloopers, but are full-fledged Begonia & Bench grade candles completed with a bamboo lid.  We are retiring this scent as we roll out our 2020 fall/winter catalogue. 

Vetiver: Our Vetiver is a true-to-nature version of the pungent, earthy aroma from vetiver grasses from India.  Our version has proven to be a bit stronger on the nose than most people have preferred, so we are retiring this scent as we roll out our 2020 fall/winter catalogue.