Could I BE any more illuminated? The evolution of Chandlers from history to artisan craft

Could I BE any more illuminated? The evolution of Chandlers from history to artisan craft

Hey there, fellow Chandler Bing enthusiasts! Did you, like me, land on this page while on a nostalgic trip down 'Friends' lane, only to find yourself intrigued by the use of the word 'chandler' here? 

Well, let’s dive into one such hidden gem - the world of chandlers. No, not Chandler from 'Friends', but the age-old craft of candle making. And in the words of Chandler Bing, "Could there BE a more enlightening hobby?"

In the Beginning, There Was Darkness…and Then, Chandler's

Candle making, or what we call chandlery, has been a big part of our history. A long time ago, chandlers, the people who made candles, played a vital role. Imagine living in a time where there were no lights like we have today. No lamps, no light bulbs-nothing! People needed candles to see after the sun went down. 

Using beeswax and tallow, these early artisans brought light to a world enshrouded in darkness post-sunset. Imagine a world where your evening plans depended on a candle – that's the stage where our chandlers shined.

Nobody knows exactly who the first chandler was, because it was such a long time ago. But, what we do know is that making candles became a very important job. 

 Enter the Wax Chandlers Guild

Fast-forward to the 14th century in London, where candle making wasn't just a job – it was an art. Welcome to The Wax Chandlers Guild. These weren’t just any candle makers; they were the crème de la crème, ensuring that the candles you burned were top-notch.

Their influence was so significant that they’re still around today, although they’ve swapped candle making for more contemporary roles. 


The Renaissance of Chandlery

Now, let’s zoom into today's world, where candle making has transformed from necessity to luxury. Modern chandler's are like the alchemists of old, experimenting with different waxes, fragrances, and colors. It’s a creative playground where art meets science. Every candle made today is not just a source of light but an expression of creativity and style – a small piece of history reborn in a new, artistic form.


  Why Candles Still Capture Our Hearts

There’s something magical about candles that goes beyond their flickering flames. They evoke memories, create ambiance, and have a way of making moments special. It's no wonder that in our high-tech world, the humble candle still holds a place of honor in our homes. Each candle is a silent nod to those historical chandlers who lit the way for us.

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