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Begonia & Bench combines the art of candle making with a mission of sustainability, low-waste and giving back with every candle we make.

Our love for our forests feeds our obsession for making finely crafted botanical candles from sustainable materials and awards our mission of putting ecology and communities first.

New! Teakwood & Fig

Compliment your space with the enticing, bold top notes of cedar, teak and sandalwood in harmony with earthy bottom notes of amber and fig with a hint of flora.

Meet Teakwood & Fig

New! Vintage

This nostalgic aroma of a beloved vintage shop awakens the senses and evokes memories of creaking floors and the comfort of rekindled connections.

Meet Vintage
Waybread signature aroma- lavender + tobacco set against a kitchen backdrop

Lavender + Tobacco by Waybread

Lavender + Tobacco come together in this arousing ballet of luscious lavender and clean, earthy aged tobacco leaf with a light citrus top note for a soothing, satisfying finish.

This Signature aroma was created in collaboration with Culinary Arts & Hospitality extraordinaire Waybread

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Meet Lavender + Tobacco

Forest & Flannel by MeadowFox

This cozy aroma of Forest & Flannel is like awakening to a fresh cup of coffee brewed tent side on a campfire under a boundless canopy of Fir boughs while wrapped in your favorite flannels.

This Signature aroma was created in collaboration with Twitch Variety Streamer MeadowFox.

Find MeadowFox on Twitch & YouTube.

Meet Forest & Flannel
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