Our Hearts to Your Home

Crafting the Perfect Artisan Candle

The Art of Melting and Pouring

Our Artisan Collection is not mass-produced, but instead made in small batches by skilled hands. Whether you are looking to create a cozy atmosphere in your home, or to give a gift that is truly one-of-a-kind, our handcrafted Artisan Collection is the perfect choice.

Once upon a time,

there was a couple who wanted to make a difference.

Meet Darren & Michelle, the dynamic husband and wife team behind Begonia & Bench, a charming candle studio in the St. Croix River Valley in Minnesota.

With a dream of making a positive impact on the world, they set out in 2018 with the goal of planting 200 trees in a U.S. National Forest.

Fast forward to today, and their small "10x10 pop-up booth" has now left a lasting impression in the National Forest Foundation's Annual Report, with over 11,500 trees planted to date to restore lost tree canopy, conserve wildlife habitats, and preserve healthy watersheds.

Join Michelle & Darren on their tree-planting journey, one candle at a time!


The wax

From Farm to Flame...

We use four types of plant-based waxes in our Artisan candles. This unique blend of wax consists of two types of soy wax, a coconut wax, and a rice bran wax that is imported from Japan.

Rice bran wax is unique in that it is a dripless, smokeless wax. Our Artisan candles are crafted using this traditional wax known for its historical ties to meditation and ceremonial use.

This special blend promotes a slower, cleaner burn, enhancing candle longevity. As our candles age, the aromas develop for a more expressive and refined fragrance, akin to the aging process of cheeses or wines.

Our Artisan wax blend is derived from renewable and sustainable sources, making it the premier choice for eco-conscious candle enthusiasts.

unpackaged begonia and bench candle.

Savor the Reveal

Of Your Begonia & Bench Candle

Unpacking a candle from our sustainable kraft packaging is an experience unlike any other. The natural charm of the kraft paper sets the stage for the finely crafted candle within.

We hand polish every Artisan candle to ensure it is free from smudges or marks. This extra touch of care extends to the unboxing experience, as each Artisan candle is tastefully packaged in high quality, thoughtful materials making the reveal of your candle a memorable moment.

the burn

When it comes to candles, the wick is just as important as the wax and fragrance.

Our wicks are made of high-quality, braided cotton and paper woven materials that help ensure a smooth and even flame. And best of all - these wicks are completely lead-free for a safe and worry-free candle-burning experience.

The Scent

The Alchemy of Aroma and Light

Enjoy the aromatic bliss of premium, candle safe infusions of natural oils that contain no phthalates, parabens, or Prop 65 chemicals.

Hand blending fragrance oils allows for a level of creativity and control that is not widely available with pre-prepared scents.

We also take the extra step of aging our Artisan candles until the aroma reaches its full potential. Aging allows the fragrance oils and wax to fully integrate and meld together, resulting in a consistent & fulfilling scent experience and a predictable burn.