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How about a 'Rosie The Riveter' story?

I often am told I look oddly familiar to an impactful character during the era of WWII.

I don't try to emulate them on purpose, actually my bandana is a convenient way to deal with the personal struggle of hair loss and since the 90s, I can't say no to a great pair of coveralls, so usually this is what you'll find me most comfortable in!

There's no doubt the iconic Rosie the Riveter is a powerful symbol of feminism, but during WWII, there was actually a group of women who served in the war and risked their lives on a daily basis that are believed to have inspired the Rosie character.

Who are the WASPs?

Have you heard of a group called the WASPs, otherwise known as Women's Airforce Service Pilots? A lesser-known role during WWII, more than a thousand women left their homes and jobs as volunteers in a experimental Army Air Corp Program.

This also meant they would accept the volunteer role and serve without honors or benefits. This important team wasn't even officially recognized with full military status until 1977, and with Gold Medal Honors not recognized until 2010.

Inspiring the future

There's no doubt the iconic Rosie the Riveter is a powerful symbol of feminism, and these incredible women lived through the turmoil of World War II and shaped the future of our county. 

I love learning the history and learning more about each of these remarkable women who served because it is a powerful reminder that we are all empowered to make change, standing up for what you believe and doing what is right

We can all be Rosie the Riveter. 

Check out this awesome video to learn more about the WASPs- Flying Dreams: Women Airforce Pilots of WWII from Real Stories

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