We made it to 2021 candle friends!!✨✨-Begonia & Bench

We made it to 2021 candle friends!!✨✨

We made it to 2021 candle friends!!✨✨
2020 was rough. While it was hard losing ALL our in-person events, we're so grateful to have social media as a way to connect with you!
Despite the challenges this past year, we're thankful to have the opportunity to raise awareness for over a dozen ecological or community - focused non-profits.
We're also excited to report that for 2020, we were able to have 2,000 trees planted in US National Forests, bringing our total to 3,700 trees planted since we started in 2018!
🌲 3,700 trees are approximately the size of a 12 - acre forest
🌳 3,700 trees will remove 2.22 million pounds of CO2 during a 50 yr. lifespan
It's been a whirlwind of a year but, we're not slowing down.
Thank you for choosing Begonia and Bench as your candlery 🙏🕯️💕 we can't say thank you enough for supporting our small family business.
Cheers to 2021!!
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