Forest & Flannel - Signature Aroma by MeadowFox

Size: Artisan Grand
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This Signature aroma is created in collaboration with Twitch Variety Streamer MeadowFox


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This cozy aroma of Forest & Flannel is like awakening to a fresh cup of coffee brewed tent side on a campfire under a boundless canopy of Fir boughs while wrapped in your favorite flannels.

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A portion of the proceeds for Forest & Flannel is donated to Wildwoods, a wildlife rehabilitation center located in Duluth, Minnesota.

MeadowFox and her Foxy Fam community value the compassionate care of all living creatures and the habitats we share. She is proud to support a local non-profit dedicated to the well-being and protection of wildlife near her surroundings in northern Minnesota.

Each Begonia & Bench Artisan candle is poured in small batches by hand using our blend of 4 non-dyed premium botanical plant waxes and artisan-crafted fragrances, then meticulously aged until the aroma is at its best. 

Each candle is then carefully polished, then craft labeled and bench-wrapped in compostable packaging to protect the hand-finished recycled glass vessel.  

These handcrafted Artisan candles are available in our Suede Green 12 oz Grand sized vessel

Wick trimmer and other accessories sold separately.

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