Are you properly storing your candles?-Begonia & Bench

Are you properly storing your candles?

Did you know you can lengthen the life of your candles by storing them correctly?  

Here are some expert tips on storing your candles properly when not in use!

Order Tip: Keep our Maker's card handy when purchasing your Begonia & Bench candles as it includes helpful candle tips you can continue to reference often! 

candle packaging kit with accessories and candle care card. Begonia and bench packaging with care and sustainable materials.

Understand the Importance of Fire Safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association, U.S. fire departments responded to roughly 7,400 home fires started by candles from 2015-2019.  As a potential fire hazard, always ensure you read the candle warning instructions both on the bottom of the jar and in our packaging before burning and ensure you are storing away from curious children and pets, even when not lit. Do not store in flammable places such as inside a cardboard box.  

Store at Room Temperature... 

Believe it or not, candles don't mix well with heat or sun! If kept in a warm place/under direct light, you may notice the wax starting to melt or "sweat" where the fragrance may arise to the surface. 

...and Away from Sunlight

The Sun's UV rays can discolor the botanical wax to a unsightly yellow (spotlights) appearance and can also cause the candle fragrance to fade. 

Always store your candles in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard, closet or pantry to keep away from any direct light. 

Top of candle that is unlit on top of a magazine backdrop.

Keep your candle clean

The easiest way to avoid dust or debris is to place the jar lid back on when not burning your candle. If dust and fingerprints do happen, you can gently rub the candle surface with a dry, soft cloth to remove. 

Slate candle grand jar on side table with lid on. Always ensure your candle is completely cooled down before placing a lid back on. 

Preserve the scent

Have you ever noticed a candle that has been sitting out, that the scent will start to fade over time?

By putting the lid on the candle, not only are you keeping dust out of your candle, but you're preserving the wax and scent, which helps in extending the lifespan of your candle. 

Always ensure your candle is completely cooled down before placing a lid back on. Because the lid is made of bamboo, never use it to snuff out a burning candle. 

Want to learn more? Head to our FAQ page for commonly asked questions. 

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