Winter flocked evergreens in a snowstorm

The longest night, preparing for the Winter Solstice

Are you ready for this year's Winter Solstice? It marks the day with the shortest daylight of the season!

As the winter solstice approaches, all of nature seems to come to a peaceful standstill. The trees are clad in a lavish coat of snow, the ground is covered in a gentle carpet of white, and the air is filled with a sense of tranquility. And there's no better way to experience this season of peace than by sitting in silence under the stars and sipping on a warm cup of coco. 

But if you're looking for something a little more festive, there's no reason to leave the comfort of you home.  In fact, here are some activities to get you ready for the first day of the Winter season (if you're in the Northern Hemisphere that is!). 

Make solstice crafts like an edible tree for the wildlife outside

We love these edible ornament ideas found online like a DIY bird seed feeder or a easy peanut butter seed pinecone.  Just set these outside out on a tree branch and watch all the critters come to enjoy their new treats! 

Honor the longest night of the year by either watching the sunrise or the sunset

Rise and Shine! The sun has finally peaked over the horizon, and it's time to begin anew. Celebrate the longest night by either watching the sunrise or the sunset and set new intentions for the new season. Use our handy self-care intentions guide to help you get started!

Spend the night by candlelight with Begonia & Bench

Candles signify hope and light at the darkest time. It's a powerful symbol for celebrating rebirth and new beginnings. Switch off the lamps and bright lights and enjoy the delicate flame of candlelight around your home. Grab a book, a game or even a easy craft and connect by the fire light.  

Pick out a recipe and make a dish to share

Warm, comforting food is the best way to honor the winter solstice, and what better way to do that than through a shared dish? Choose a delicious recipe and prepare it together, or reach out to a neighbor who could use some kindness. Make something special, like this easy to make chicken pot pie noodle skillet  and enjoy every bite!

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