office tips for organizing your home office
Since #wfh is becoming a reality for many, here are some office tips for organizing your home office so it has good "Feng Shui".
🚪To help with focus, try to keep your office physically separated from the rest of your home, especially the bedroom. Even screening off your area is a great start if you can't separate it.
🖥️Face your desk towards the door so you can see people coming in. This is known as the "power position". Great energy here folks.
🖼️ A few pics of friends, momentos, family is a great support system reminder. A great reminder for why your doing what you are. 💕
🎍Add plants! They purify the air and help activate "positive energy".
🕯️Light candles while you work! It can help create a morning or nightly ritual, provides a calming flicker and can alleviate stress. Plus, they are 20% off with free shipping ( U.S. only) right now with our #marchmeetthemaker sale on our website! #linkinbio
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