Restock alert!!📣
Find a sneak preview of a few spring fragrances we're releasing Three Rivers Park District - Silverwood Park and Ptacek's IGA  🏞️Silverwood Park: Check out Sara Hanson's amazing Bioscenic Travel Machine sculpture and Kaleidoscope, it's incredible!! Also, warm up at their yummy coffee bar, always delish!  🍏Ptacek's IGA: After you take a nice nature walk, take in a scenic drive to Prescott, WI and enjoy a lunch from their deli and check out their adorable floral department- see why we ♥️ the folks at this IGA! A portion of the candle proceeds will also be donated to the #prescottschools district!  P.S Ptacek's has #primalkitchen ketchup 👍 (my lifesaver on #whole30, anyone else?!)

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