Happy National Relaxation Day!-Begonia & Bench

Happy National Relaxation Day!

Happy National Relaxation Day! Though anyone else feel like every weekend lately is #relaxationday? 🖐️

Today we are lighting candles around the house, lounging in our PJs with the kids and maybe..just maybe..fall decor (too soon?)😉

P.S. Are you a part of our Petal Perk's? You have a chance to be a part of our limited VIP group! We will be sharing next week the FIRST preview of our fall announcement and let me tell you- its HUGE. 🎉 Plus, we have a exclusive event going on right NOW for a limited time. We really like to spoil our fellow candle lovers, you don't want to miss this.💕 #hyggetime 🕯️

Head to the link in our bio (or DM us!), visit our website, and click on the little green icon on the bottom of the page ( if on mobile devices) and get in NOW, this is our exclusive VIP group! 🤗

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