See these gloves?🖐⁣-Begonia & Bench

See these gloves?🖐⁣

See these gloves?🖐⁣ Yep, we wear these when wrapping the candles to prevent any smudges or marks on every jar.

Even though it's just Darren and myself, we provide a LITERAL white glove treatment (while also being reusable/washable!) to every single candle. ⁣⁣
While the purpose now to wearing them has evolved to a more sanitary focus, we continue on with our little "tradition" because it's important to us that your experience with Begonia & Bench is premium every step of the way. Hit the like if you agree. 🕯️ #premiumbotanicalwaxcandles #ecoluxe #smellsgood #begoniaandbench
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